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A community for DW fans that don't take themselves seriously.
ontd_who is for fans of the Whoverse who don't take themselves super seriously. Here you can rant, goof off, post gifs, and just have fun. ontd_who is an offshoot of the community ohnotheydidnt, cause we are pretty sure they are sick of us posting 'John Smith cries' gifs everywhere.

RULES: 1. You must love the Whoverse, haters will be turned into an Ood.

2. Any type of graphics, spoilers, picspams, or long entries must be put behind a cut. You may give a teaser (the usual three icons, etc...) but the rest must be behind a cut. If not, your post will be deleted.

3. Be nice! Hey, we like our random space fights just like any other person, but there is a line between joking and being an asshole.
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